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Why "Marek's Customs"?
I was marekunleashed2 originally, it is also kinda catchy. Not to mention starkiller is a total badass.

What custom are you most proud of?
Tie. Between my old republic trooper and my Atin. They took countless hours to make. Atin,s torso took hours to get right, same with the old republic troopers helmet. I mean really, the entire thing is painted! The visor wasalmost impossible to get right!

What are your plans for new customs?Oh, I have many plans in store. I have made several orders from arealight and bricklink. To name a couple of upcoming ones will be commander neyo, desert camo ARF, and a new delta squad utilizing arealight's commando helmets!

When will your store be back online?Very soon. Once I get about 20 customs ready it will open. I recently got waterslide decals. And they make the customs look amazing.

Favorite website for customs?Definitely Republic Customs, he is a huge inspiration and a good friend of mine.

What piece is your favorite?
Well, my favorite from Republic Customs is his riot control ARF. Perfect for coruscant MOCs, and an awesome design!

Favorite film?Hmm, tough one. If I had to pick one though it would be Forrest Gump, with The Other Guys coming in close behind!

What was your inspiration to get into customizing?
Well, definitely my good friend Ross (michaelmgf) I watched his videos ever since I found out about customizing. And he made a huge impact on it.

What is your favorite TV show?Saturday Night Live definitely. So awesome, the laughs are endless!

Favorite LEGO set?Probably the 2010 Clone Turbo Tank. I loved the Aayla Secura and Cad Bane. The tanks is huge and has a very nice look to it!

Thanks guys. I look toward to my shops opening and hope you will like what you see!
Check Marek out here!
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