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New LEGO Mini site for Pirates fo the Carribean!

Lego has just resiliently released the first look of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. The design is designed the same as the Harry Potter sneak peek. The reveal of the characters come a few times a week or month leading up to May. Link:



Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Lego Websie ONLINE

16:46 Reporter: RGMS Productions 0 Responses
Lego has just resiliently released the first look of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. The design is designed the same as the Harry Potter sneak peek. The reveal of the characters come a few times a week or month leading up to May.



Miniland California!

19:40 Reporter: Unknown 0 Responses
It took a while but we're finally reporting on LEGO Miniland in California! First of all, we want to thank for the picture of the models arriving in Cali. Models are inclusive of a massive HAVw A6 Juggernaut (Clone Turbo Tank), buildings from Christophsis, and oh so much more! The dioramas will be open to the public on March 31st, 2011, and sadly, I won't be there. Here are said images: 
Gary Mcntire
Gary, again.
Gary's clone!


Impressive MOC by Ironsniper

15:49 Reporter: Bricks and Stones 0 Responses

Ironsniper (Chris) recently constructed a very interesting MOC, based off of "Dino Crisis" and "Dino Crisis 2" for Playstation 1. The creation follows a storyline in which "Olympic_Corp." had created a time entrance gate to skip back in time. The project had gone wrong. The core reactor imploded and the city of Rio Nuevo was sucked in. Now, Olympic_Corp. has reinitiated the project by reopening the time entrance gate, and has sent a heavily-equipped team to retrieve any survivors. They have found no survivors after three days, but continue to search. This is just one of the many dioramas yet to come in this series, the next of which is to come in the next month. The team can only hope...


Interview with Marek's Customs! (Our newest partner!)

22:23 Reporter: Unknown 0 Responses
Why "Marek's Customs"?
I was marekunleashed2 originally, it is also kinda catchy. Not to mention starkiller is a total badass.

What custom are you most proud of?
Tie. Between my old republic trooper and my Atin. They took countless hours to make. Atin,s torso took hours to get right, same with the old republic troopers helmet. I mean really, the entire thing is painted! The visor wasalmost impossible to get right!

What are your plans for new customs?Oh, I have many plans in store. I have made several orders from arealight and bricklink. To name a couple of upcoming ones will be commander neyo, desert camo ARF, and a new delta squad utilizing arealight's commando helmets!

When will your store be back online?Very soon. Once I get about 20 customs ready it will open. I recently got waterslide decals. And they make the customs look amazing.

Favorite website for customs?Definitely Republic Customs, he is a huge inspiration and a good friend of mine.

What piece is your favorite?
Well, my favorite from Republic Customs is his riot control ARF. Perfect for coruscant MOCs, and an awesome design!

Favorite film?Hmm, tough one. If I had to pick one though it would be Forrest Gump, with The Other Guys coming in close behind!

What was your inspiration to get into customizing?
Well, definitely my good friend Ross (michaelmgf) I watched his videos ever since I found out about customizing. And he made a huge impact on it.

What is your favorite TV show?Saturday Night Live definitely. So awesome, the laughs are endless!

Favorite LEGO set?Probably the 2010 Clone Turbo Tank. I loved the Aayla Secura and Cad Bane. The tanks is huge and has a very nice look to it!

Thanks guys. I look toward to my shops opening and hope you will like what you see!
Check Marek out here!


The Brick Update

20:03 Reporter: Unknown 4 Responses
Many of you have heard of the famous LEGO news site, the Brick Update (TBU for brevity's sake), the likes of which attracts thousands of loyal viewers daily with great articles consistently. They cater to those who need easy-to-digest articles for the day with informative, yet simple and in-depth articles about all things LEGO. Now for something you may not know, I have indeed talked to Stephen (Clonetrooper Customs), Blade (Bladedude12345), and Dmotion Pictures and we have decided that we need a partnership between the two sites. This may be our big break as such a popular site is our one of our official partners! The Brick Update is an amzing site an we hope you guys will continue to read both our articles!


New Endor MOC From Brickplumber!

10:44 Reporter: Legoclonewars238 0 Responses
The adult lego artist Brickplumber releasde new pictures of his new LEGO Endor MOC. I have to say that these photos look great and the MOC might even top his previous Hoth Rebel Base MOC. If you don't know who Brickplumber is then you can check out his Flickr and Youtube


Lego Star Wars Being Discontinued?

19:10 Reporter: Legoclonewars238 8 Responses
As many of you know, Lego is set to discontinue their Lego Star Wars theme later in 2011. As Lego Star Wars is makes quite a portion of Lego's income, it would seem idiotic to discontinue it. But as far as I know, Lego is probably going to renew it. Also Legoboy12345678 (David) said in one of his videos on Youtube that he contacted Lego and they told him that they were probably going to renew it. Personally for me I would love to see it continued. Also In March, Lego and TT games are release a video game: Lego Star Wars lll The Clone Wars. As far as I think it wouldn't make sense to release a Lego Star Wars video game and then discontinue the Lego brand shortly after. I am sure Lego would regret discontinuing it. Many of you may think of this as old news, but some might still not know.


Amazing new MOC from Legoagogo!

17:56 Reporter: Unknown 0 Responses
You may or may not be aware of the amazing sills of LEGO Moccer Legoagogo, who has made an amazing MOC, one which depicts a fallen stormtrooper, and a comrade coming to his aid, only to find out that his brother has been killed. Here is the picture:


Darth Vader needs a little help for his Theme Tune...

11:42 Reporter: Chris Rogers 0 Responses
This Brickfilm comes from a user named: legolambs, who seems to be harbouring some undiscovered talent. His film; Lego Star Wars starring John Williams, depicts the Dark Lord with the famed composer before a piano, trying to work out a theme for the Sith in 'The Empire Strikes Back'. Boasting smooth animation and some great comedy, this film is a great addition to the brickfilming community and we hope to see more from legolambs in the future!

See the film here:


Contact us!

01:12 Reporter: Unknown 0 Responses
As you may or may not have noticed, we have a new page up, with different way to contact us! So, we might as well share those ways in this post as well as over on the other page. So, ways to get in touch with us are as follows;
Youtube: Brickbulletin
Twitter: Brickbulletin (Updated infrequently)
Flickr: The Brick Bulletin (More inside news, as opposed to real updates on LEGO news.)

So, to ask for the E-mail of a specific author, just tell me and if it's okay with them, I'll give it to you. Please do subscribe, follow, add as a contact, and E-mail us today! :D


New from BrickPlumber!

21:52 Reporter: YuYu 0 Responses
Many fans of Lego have heard of Mark Borlase, or more commonly known as brickplumber, for his amazing Star Wras Battle of Hoth MOC. His creation was featured in the Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary, making it even more popular. He then remade it, taking almost a year to finish. Now, he has set out on a new quest in the Lego Star Wars universe- The Battle of Endor. This brand new creation seems to be covering up 20 Lego green 32x32 baseplates. The bunker looks as if he bought two of the 8038 Battle of Endor sets, and many stormtroopers. He has also taken it a step farther, building the Ewok's treehouses and trees from scratch, which are at least 50 bricks tall. You can see all the photos here:
As you look through the photos, you may find a group of "easter eggs". He hid little details in the MOC, which the fans have taken a liking to. He built the landing pad for the Imerial Shuttle from scratch, and put Spiderman on his web stuck to one of the pillars. There is a stormtrooper swinging from vines, imitating Tarzan, and another stuck on a tree. You also may find the Fellowship, from Lord of the Rings, wandering about. There is even a family camping in the background.
Anyone can tell that he has put a lot of time and effort into this, and his old Hoth moc, and the new one is not even done yet. In my opinion, it was definitely worth it. I hope to see more from him in the future.


SpongeBob Squarepants legos are back

16:16 Reporter: RGMS Productions 0 Responses
Yes the lovable sponge is back in new lego sets coming to stores soon.

Glove World: Comes with Sandy, Spongebob, newly updated Patrick, and a ice cream fish.

Heroic Heroes of the Deep: Include Super Spongebob, Super Patrick, and Plankton in a robot suit.


"Hold your fire. Let em' pass"

16:10 Reporter: Brian Carter 1 Response
"Hold Fire. Let them pass.."

An amazing scene by Eturior! He demonsrates his FP skill perfectly in the MOC, an I especially dig the white building. Nice job E!


My Interview with Profound Whatever

11:59 Reporter: YuYu 0 Responses
Today, I got the privilege to interview a very popular AFOL, Alex Eylar. But most people know him on flickr as "Profound Whatever". These are the questions I got to ask.
Me: How long have you used Legos?

Alex: I've been using Lego since I was a little kid, but when I hit high school, I hit my dark age: I didn't buy any, I didn't build anything, I didn't play with it. When I was 18, I found the Lego online fan community and saw the kinds of things fellow fans were building, and it inspired me to get back to the hobby. I've been going strong ever since.

Me: What is your favorite set that you own?

Alex: My favorite set might be the Grand Emporium. It's just so enormous and came with so many useful pieces.

Me: What is your favorite minifigure?

Alex: My favorite minifig is the Three-Eyed Alien, from Toy Story. There's just something about him.

Me: How did you feel when your pictures, "And the Nominees Are..." showed up on

Alex: I'm flattered at the amount of attention the Oscar shots are getting. I didn't know if they'd strike such a chord with the internet public, but I'm glad people like them. It's always good to get your work out there, and the Oscar project certainly got me a lot of good publicity.

Me: Where did you get the idea?

Alex: The idea came from a press agent, actually, who suggested I build the ten nominees. It's because of him that these pictures have been spreading as far as they have; I couldn't have done it without him.

Me: What does the future hold for you?

Alex: I'm just gonna keep building. I don't really have a plan or any future aspirations. I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing, building whenever I get a good idea. I'll just see where it takes me.


Family Bricks' Newest Customs!

07:36 Reporter: YuYu 0 Responses

For 134 days, flickr user Joshua, or as he is more known, Family Bricks, has made a new custom minifigure for each day. They have varied from Steampunk, to Halo, to Castle. Over the past few days though, it seems he's been more intrested in Post-Apoc. To be more exact, Post Apoc women.

The first has modified Indiana Jones legs, detailing ripped jeans. This one has blonde hair, and an expertly made decal. She also wields dual BrickArms Apoc SMGs.

Three days later, fans of Joshua's customs got to see another masterpiece- the "Post-Apoc Babe with Flamethrower". This figure has Indy legs once again, but with no modification. The torso is that of the Collectable Minfigures Weightlifter, but he used paint to give it a ripped shirt look. The figure has an AMA shield, and a Warhammer 40k Flamethrower.

The very newest one has the torso of the Collectable minifigures Lifeguard, but modified, and as always, Indiana Jones' legs. She has a Lego brand Antenna glued to her head, giving it the "robot" feel. She has a mohawk, which Joshua formed from a Lego hairpiece. She has the new AMA Rocket Launcher, and many modified WarHammer pieces.

In my opinion, you really need to look at Joshua figures. Here's the link:


Interview with critically acclaimed brickfilmer CWMmedia!

03:57 Reporter: Unknown 0 Responses
Today, I was fortunate enough to get an interview with the critically acclaimed brickfilmer Cwmmedia, here we go:

Me: What was your inspiration for geting into brickfilming?
Cwmmedia: Watching other users like Spugesdu make stop-motion animations.
Me: What is your favorite LEGO film of all time?
Cwmmedia: That's a hard one, I've seen many, but my favorite would probably be the Force Unleashed by xxxfancypantsxxx.
Me: Which of your films are you most proud of?
Cwmmedia: The Battle of Duren by far.
Me: Do you have any films underway?
Cwmmedia: Sort of, I'm waiting for a Brickarms order to arrive so I can start filming my next film, the Battle of Guadalcanal.
Me: Can you tell us more about that?
Cwmmedia: It's just a battle in Guadalcanal, with lots of soldiers.
Me: Brickarms, or Brickforge?
Cwmmedia: Brickarms.
Me: Who is your favorite Brickfilmer?
Cwmedia: Spugesdu.

For more on Cwmmedia's amazing brickfilms, click here. His brikcfilms include such guts as "The Battle of Duren", and "Stranded" about a squad of crashed clones that was released to rave reviews only months ago.


LEGO Star Wars the Clone Wars Demo available!

03:25 Reporter: Unknown 0 Responses
Today Joystiq has announced that that a playable Demo of the new LEGO Star Wars game has been released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The much anticipated game is fated for a proper release on March 22nd this year, but the limited demo option is free and available right now.


Another Great MOC from ACPin!

20:06 Reporter: YuYu 0 Responses

While looking through my contact's photos on flickr, I happened to stumble across no ordinary MOC. Star Wars fan ACPin, whose creations can be seen here:, has created the Clone Training Facility's Amory room, as seen in the Clone Wars episode, "Clone Cadets". It features Domino Squad in their trainee uniforms, and if you look closely, it even has 99! Many other excellent details include four rooms with armor in them, one with Scout Trooper armor, two with standard Clone Trooper armor, and one with SnowTrooper armor. There is a catwalk above the communications room, which spreads throughout the whole creation. The catwalk it completely covered in 1 x 2 grills, giving it excellent details, along with details doorways into the armory rooms.


New Printed Arealight Helmets

04:22 Reporter: RGMS Productions 0 Responses
Arealight Released the new arealight printed helmets. You can buy them for $5.00 each. there are 12 different helmets for each clone trooper. There is a Cody, Boss, Rex snow helmet, 501st trooper, and others.


Technical Difficulties

04:01 Reporter: Unknown 0 Responses
If anyone is really good with programming, then maybe you'd like to help us improve the site, as my previous efforts to change the HTML in order to remove the menu and "Platinum" that come default with this minimalist, simplistic theme that still works well enough be a proper looking LEGO News site, if you guys have the time to change the HTML for the site, everyone here would much appreciate it, so to do so, just send an E-mail our way and we'll give you the HTML code to the site, with hopes that you'll send it back to us, with the banner saying "Platinum" removed, as well as the default, inaccessible menu, until then, the writers page will be hard to access, so to save you guys some trouble, here is a link, so anyway, until somebody helps me with the HTML coding to place the page on the currently screwy menu. Anyway, ways, again, to help us is to send an E-mail our way at, add us on Skype and posgt the parts of the HTML to the chat at Brickublletin, or even post it in a comment, we'd love to see our website bettered, and we'll give you full  credit, as we get 50 daily viewers at this time, it may not be much, but we hope to expand and, who knows, maybe you'll get some recognition.

Peace out y'all. God, I need to get an LED Backlit keyboard for my Imac, geez this board sucks, anyway, bye.


June wave of City sets!

00:07 Reporter: Unknown 1 Response
Alright, here we are again, and now I'll be updating you with LEGO city pictures! Yayzerz! Now, I do collect LEGO City, but not as avidly as I do some themes. Anyway, let's go back to the pictures! Also, in the comments below, tell me how to improve the format of my posts.

$89.99 US
$119.99 CAN
551 Pieces, we have a winner here, despite the price being a little on the high side, this set looks to have decent features, certainly a first for LEGO sets, City and otherwise. The boat is really cool, but doesn't look very big or well scaled, but the dock is brilliant, reminiscent of the dock from my home town of Qualicum Beach, it's small compared to previous incarnations, but still large enough for maximum functionality. The truck, brilliant, but LEGO could have come up with a slightly more imaginative cargo than a couple tan cylinders. 
$59.99 US
$79.99 CAN (*Chokes*)
254 Pieces
This set looks cool, but I won't even delve any deeper with this because of the price, this will probably deter most all Canadian buyers, as well as most American buyers, simply because, you cannot supplement a huge price with a cool looking set, especially at a mere 254 pieces.
$39.99 US
$49.99 CAN
254 Pieces
Let me go on the record as saying, "WHAT THE HECK? DANGGIT LEGO!". This set carries on the theme of overpriced, bay themed LEGO sets with a terrible PTP ratio. Yeah, it looks cool, but remember that this does have the same piece count as the Marina above, and look at my thoughts on that.
$29.99 US
$39.99 CAN
64 Pieces /Facepalm
At a mere 64 pieces, this set has one of the worst PTP ratios of any set i've ever seen, but that aside, this set, despite the bad PTP ratio, is actually oaky looking, with cool figs, decent pieces, and the ability to float on water, like the Green Lantern. Anyway, if you do decide to buy this set, and I doubt you will, just ignore the PTP ratio. 
$4.99 US
$7.99 CAN
34 Pieces
/Happydance. This set, despite being small, has a solid PTP ration, a decent looking fig, and stunning attention to detail packed into an eight dollar treat. This, though more of a Christmas Stocking/Easter basket filler or impulse buy, would be a solid addition to any LEGO City, but we doubt you'll get it after being wiped out by the other sets.

Anyway, till' next time, peace out!


New LEGO Kingdom sets incoming!

19:50 Reporter: Unknown 0 Responses
Recently, pictures of the new LEGO Kingdom sets have been popping up around the interwebz, and though I have never bought any set in this theme, I did have a stint where I collected the old LEGO Castle, the likes of which were stupendous!
$9.99 US
$11.99 CAN
104 Pieces
Due July, this set does look amazing, with detailed, but standard figures, what looks to be a new LEGO Chicken, and amazing attention to detail with regards to the buildings. I will be getting this, but then breaking it for the great pieces.
$19.99 US
$24.99 CAN
185 Pieces
Due July, it looks nice, though still a little skimpy at twenty bucks, even if there are a decent amount of figures. The pieces look iffy, but the build seems to be okay.
King's Carriage Ambush
$39.99 US
$45.99 CAN
285 Pieces
Due July, this set looks bad. The build looks too boxy, and they've obviously sacrificed build quality for alleged "playability", something that most LEGO builders above the age of ten, seem to dislike. THough we won't see the return of the dreaded flick-fire missiles in this set, though there are a bunch more terrible "features" to this set. I will NOT be buying this. Ever.
Mill Village Raid
$69.99 US
$79.99 CAN
Though the price is indeed high, the set quality looks to be of decent quality, and the attention to detail is there, whether your attention to detail is useful enough to spot it, is dependent on you.

Overall, the line looks strong, except for the Carriage.


Lego Star Wars Clone Wars video game pictures

18:03 Reporter: RGMS Productions 0 Responses
The LEGO Star Wars the Clone Wars video game has been held back and will now be released on March 22nd of 2011. Tons of new features will be seen, including big battle scenes, new action for your characters, and scene shifts while in gameplay mode.

Link to launch trailer:


Lego Pirates of the Caribbean the video game pictures

17:57 Reporter: RGMS Productions 0 Responses
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean the video game pictures. The game is official, and will be in stores this summer. This game comes side by side with the new Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO sets coming this May.

We'll keep you updated with more high-quality images as they're released!


Alien conquest pictures!

15:00 Reporter: Unknown 0 Responses
As you've probably all been hyped up by updates on certain other LEGO news site, we have decided to hop on the bandwagon by posting these high-quality photos straight from New York Toy Fair! We'll show you these pictures and a small opinion-based summary on each set.

42 pieces
$4.99 USD
$6.99 CAD
Coming out in August, it looks a but iffy, especially for seven dollars, though the speeder looks tough and well built, I will be picking this set up for the minifigs which do look good.

105 pieces
$9.99 USD
$12.99 CAD
Available August, it looks alright, even at thirteen dollars and a mere 105 pieces. I will get this set, not because of the pieces or even the buggy, but again, the figures do look great in the entire theme.
166 pieces
$19.99 USD
$24.99 CAD
Available August, again, this looks a little skimpy, and reminiscent of the worse LEGO Agents sets from a couple years back, the PTP ratio (Price to Piece) isn't great.
375 pieces
$39.99 USD
$49.99 CAD
Available August, this set, though big, is a rather glib interpretation of a futuristic helicopter, even if the minifigs offer a small saving grace.
211 pieces
$29.99 USD
$39.99 CAN
Available August, I don't really have anything to say except for LEGO, get your head out of your butt!
416 pieces
$59.99 USD
$74.99 CAD
Available August, this really does look cool ,though they have added a sound effect that boosts the price, even though there is some amazing use of elements here, the price will probably deter a good many people.
879 pieces
$89.99 USD
$119.99 CAD
Available August, meh, the colors are bad, but the build quality looks good, even at a premium price.


LEGO Star Wars III Beta testing cheat codes

21:48 Reporter: Unknown 0 Responses
Okay, as the game has been up for a couple weeks, we presume that most of you have already got wind of these codes, but these are for those few who are cheaters (No hate, I cheat too)! But I digress, here are the codes and the characters the unlock;







Darth Sidious: DARKSIDE




Soem of the ideas behind these codes are quite droll, such as KISSEDMYSISTER to unlock Luke Skywalker, playing on the fact that he did indeed kiss his sister, though a better code for Chewie would be: HANSHOTFIRST, heheh, Han shot first. HE DID DAMMIT! Anyway, how many of you guys intend to se these hacks? I will, and anyway, have fun and get hackin'!


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